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Welcome to the future of parking and mobility in Japan

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Our mission

revolutionize your driving experience by providing seamless, convenient and affordable smart parking and mobility options


This is gateless parking lot with vehicle recognition system

Later below you will learn how to access, pay and get discounts at Horita parking lot

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Why join as member?

One-off registration at, to uncover multiple benefits

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Get 50円 discount

Register to get discounts and promotions from us and our partners. Follow the latest news about the latest parking lots enabled with seamless technologies and mobility services.

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Touchless parking access offers enhanced safety, efficiency, and convenience. It is integrated with digital payments and license plate recognition technologies to speed up entry and exit, thus minimizing queues and idling, which in turn lowers vehicle emissions. 

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 After buying in shops/restaurants around Horita station,  simply scan your receipts using an app, it will automatically apply discounts to your parking fees. Save your time avoiding  presenting receipts at customer service desk!

Image by Campbell

How to pay for parking?



Scan QR code, input the last 4 digits of your car plate, pay



Register at, input your car(s) plate number, connect payment method



Input the last 4 digits of your car plate and press "ENT". Tap your credit card or show QR code to the red reader. 

How to find parking

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Type or tell your destination

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Choose optimal option

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Drive there

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