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UrbanChain Group hosted it's first event in Tokyo

We did it! UrbanChain Group has officially marked its first successful event in Tokyo, a vibrant gathering that set the stage for the future of sustainable smart cities. Our speakers and guests truly shone, bringing life and insight to the discussions. A heartfelt thank you to WeWork for providing the perfect venue and to SoftBank for their unwavering support.


The event was an intellectual feast, with Keisuke Ide from UTEC illuminating the VC landscape and smart city startup potential. Darrell Lords from Scurid and Satoru Okawa from Monochrome showcased the transformative power of IoT for autonomous cities, while Kosuke Nohara from Nohara Group presented magical sustainable solutions for construction tech. Mingze Sun from Big-3 consulting provided expert analysis on smart city success drivers, and Hirofumi Stiven Horita from Chiba Dojo Fund gave us the lowdown on AI's role in Japan's startup ecosystem.

Are we ready for more events like this? We’re eager to hear from you and welcome co-organizers for future endeavors. Let’s keep the momentum going!

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